Improving Health & Performance through Breath, Body and Mind Awareness

Relaxation & Performance Coaching for Individuals, Groups and Organisations

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Improving Health & Performance through Breath, Mind & Body Awareness

In a world full of seemingly unrelenting demands and expectations, stress levels have a habit of creeping higher and higher. It could be work stress, school stress, financial stress, mortgage stress, housing stress, relationship stress, social stress, climate stress, conflict stress, media-induced stress, time stress, etc, etc, and for the most part, we're pretty good at coping... until we're not.

If you are ready to understand your responses to stress; dig beneath your social programming, coping mechanisms and habits to reveal your authentic self and then use that understanding to move you forward with greater clarity, efficiency and flexibility, this space is for you.

Improving Health & Performance

through Breath, Mind & Body Awareness

Relaxation and Performance Coaching may include support to individuals, groups, and organisations via face-to-face and virtual classes, courses and programs.

Education, goal setting support and the practical application of tried and true modalities such as Mindfulness, Breathwork (including Pranayama techniques), Meditation, Self-Hypnosis, Yoga Nidra, Touch, Temperature, Movement, Sound, and Nature Immersion may all be used in a structured way, to meet your relaxation and performance needs.

Hear what our customers have to say about the Virtual Chill Pill

Virtual Chill Pill is an excellent online one-hour class on Thursday nights at 8:30pm that teaches various breathing techniques that can help you relax, and that produce positive physical effects. Simon is a great teacher; I highly recommend it. It’s at a convenient time for pre-bedtime relaxation so if you accidentally fall asleep during the class, no worries.* *possibly speaking from personal experience, 5 stars. - Z.P.

I actually find this very helpful in these testing times, even if I don't do some of the breathing exercises, I am reserving time out from daily activities and get to deeply rest in breathing consciously for almost an hour. I can access this anytime during my days and instantly feel more centred, focused and calm. I highly recommend experiencing a few or more sessions. - M.B.

It was nice to be reminded I need to look after me. Thank you so much Simon!!! J.B.



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